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For those who care about driving, few experiences in life can match the joy of cruising your favorite roads in a well-loved classic car. Vintage machines have lived full lives and that history comes with character and quirks worthy of celebration.

If you’re looking for a special experience that brings back memories and puts a smile on your face, book a classic car rental alternative nearby on Turo.

Classic & vintage cars

Get the classic car experience without the duties of ownership.

Wedding getaway car

The most special day in your life demands an equally special getaway vehicle to help cap off the night. Find a timeless classic or vintage car on Turo to use as your wedding car and make your big day as memorable as possible.

Photoshoot time

If you’ve got a work, art, or personal project and need an attractive car to provide that perfect backdrop, book an affordable classic car rental alternative that perfectly fits the vibe you’re going for. Or, find one just to spice up your Instagram feed.

Treat yo’ self

Give yourself the gift of vintage motoring and book a classic car for your next birthday, anniversary, or celebration-worthy occasion. You’ll look and feel as dapper and stylish as you really are.

Popular classic car models

Classic and vintage vehicles that make people stop and look

Ford Mustang

Driving an early Ford Mustang is maybe the best way to get the most classic American look on the road. The iconic Mustangs from the 1960s are beautiful, stylish, and universally appreciated.

Chevrolet Corvette

America’s sports car has a long history of excellence and attitude. You can find classic Chevy Corvettes from all decades on Turo to satisfy your nostalgia cravings and replay the escapades of your wilder days.

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is the classic sports car with an iconic and unwavering design and feel. Whether your favorite vintage 911 generation is the Porsche 930, 963, or 993, you can find a throwback P-car on Turo that really revs your engine.