Why wait for part deux?

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Feel the electricty

Modern marvels of masterful engineering and efficiency, Teslas are also beautiful, high performance, and crazy fun cars to drive.
Elon Musk’s reveal of his Master Plan, Part Deux puts his embrace of peer-to-peer car sharing models front and center. But why wait five years to drive a Tesla, or make money off the one you already have?
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Top Tesla features

  • Responsive suspension
  • A Tesla automatically accounts for changes in terrain, so if you’re driving on gravel, for instance, the suspension automatically adjusts so it feels like you’re driving on pavement.

  • Automatic welcome home
  • A Tesla will automatically open your garage door for you as you approach, and it will automatically close it as you leave.

  • Easter eggs everywhere
  • From a hidden option to up your charger to 72 amps (just type “charger” while on the page to reveal) to a Rainbow Road track interface from Mario Kart, Teslas are chock-full of clandestine surprises.

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